My premier league predictions #14

Less than a day from the premier league now. Girlfriends will be ignored. Beers will be drank. And we will obviously hear Liverpool’s claim that its ‘their year’. Here’s my predictions. 1. Manchester united- Jose Mourinho is the most consistent manager of my generation. He has won the league in the first 2 year’s at […]

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top ten outfits- week 3 #13

Last week my top ten picks involved a lot of hypebeast clothing, so this week I’m going to limit this blog to as little hype as possible, for this week I will mostly be showcasing street wear. 1. This outfit is one of the cleanest outfits you will ever see. These beige Chelsea boots look […]

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Is money ruining football? #12

The simple answer is yes! Money is demolishing football. The price inflation is rising rapidly. 20 years ago Alan shearer broke the world record fee and he was £15 million. Forward 20 years and the best player you could get for £15 million is a premier league reject (for example Fabio Borini) or a young […]

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transfer news week 3 #11

The transfer window looks like excelling the past record spent of £860 million (in the premier league). Manchester United For any Manchester United fan, the window is looking very banal. In fact it is extreamly brooding, not for the Manchester city fans who are having a field day with transfer, or a field window! Jose […]

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top 10  best outfits week 2 #10

1. This outfit is extremely nice. The khaki cuffed joggers really compliment the tucked up cream bomber, and yeezy moonrocks to top it off, this outfit would be cheap (apart from moonrocks) 2. This outfit is low-key lit. Yeezy breds go with everything. Plain black adidas socks and striped joggers look amazing.  And to add […]

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transfer news week 2 #9

Teams are beginning to shape their teams and the window is starting to really come totogether. My winner of the week for transfer news is Egyptian 2nd league team Al Assiouty Sport who lost the league to there near rivals, therefor they bought the top team and now they are going up Manchester united- Every […]

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Top 10 best outfits- week 1 #7

So I came up with a new idea for the blog- top 10 fits of the week. When I thought of the idea I felt extremely overwhelmed and I think good things can come from this.         1. People will say it’s unoriginal  but it’s cool af Tshirt- bape, Louis vuitton coin purse, […]

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Transfer news #5

The transfer window is really warming Up.Big money deals are being made, and obviously there has been many stupid rumours. Arsenal Firstly I’m going to start by Talking about Arsenal, Arsene looks like he has redeemed himself this summer by eventually replacing the money grabber RVP, earlier in the week Arsenal announced the signing of […]

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Fashion round up Week 2 #4

This week’s fashion was pretty good. firstly the palace x Adidas drop was dope. my favourite item from the drop was the Robe, it had a nice white base and a black finish, their was also some controversy in the palace community this weekend as someone stole a robe but they got caught. a white […]

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This weekend marked the start of the confederations in Moscow. We seen a draining ceremony where Putin bragged about his country. Russia kicked off the campaign against NZ- starting 11 was decent Russia starting XI: Akinfeev; Kudrjasov, Vasin, Djikia, Zhirkov; Samedov, Glushakov; Golovin, Erokhin, Poloz; Smolov New Zealand starting XI: Marinovic; Durante, Bozall, Colvey, Wynne; […]