Fashion round up Week 2 #4

This week’s fashion was pretty good. firstly the palace x Adidas drop was dope. my favourite item from the drop was the Robe, it had a nice white base and a black finish, their was also some controversy in the palace community this weekend as someone stole a robe but they got caught. a white t shirt was released along with a black one. a beautiful baby blue tracksuit was released and this was extremely dope. prices ranged from £32-110 so it was a pretty cheap drop.

sneaker releases were not to bad this week-

nike all-star weekend was leaked to be 2018 and looks insane.

new phoenix suns Ultra Boost 3.0 were released, at least something good is happening in phoenix this weekend.

Space Camp to grab the Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0s were released and im not going to lie they look terrible (imo)

The Nike Air Max 1 Premium Jewel QS restocked and they look so clean at just over £100, this is a must have for summer

Nike labs VaporMax are releasing on the 20th June, in khaki and khaki/purple. they look great

Nike Air Max 97 shines in premium White Snakeskin released, they look good for summer

one of the best moments of the week was Dj Khalad’s look at the new upcoming Jordan 3 Grateful


overall a good sneaker week. but fashion releases are lacking at the moment.DCf-qNiW0AElrUD.jpgDCfjK_xXsAE3gDUDCRzeK7XsAA-UiN.jpg



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