Top 10 best outfits- week 1 #7

So I came up with a new idea for the blog- top 10 fits of the week. When I thought of the idea I felt extremely overwhelmed and I think good things can come from this.     


1. People will say it’s unoriginal  but it’s cool af
Tshirt- bape, Louis vuitton coin purse, Uzi chain, zebra ultra boost, h&m ripped jeans, casio watch, generic ads jacket.

2. This outfit is dope. Plain lacoste shoes aren’t something you see everyday, however with a pair of cropped black jeans and a gosha tee it looks all good

3. This fit is pretty nice. White and gum nmd cs6 really does go well with black skinny jeans, and the oversized off White hoodie just gives the outfit the cherry on top

4. The ultimate supreme hypebeast starter pack, it’s easy to get annoyed as this is the least original thing you will see, however you cant say its not dope, the new supreme LV box logo, with supreme x play boy joggers, supreme x Tnf cheetah puffer jacket all rounded off with supreme mechanic gloves.

5. This fit is insane, the infamous Gucci snake bomber goes so well with a long line t-shirt, skinny jeans in black and tan Chelsea boots, oh and not to forget a Louis Vuitton dufflebag, however I don’t like cross branding Louis and Gucci 

6. This outfit is risky, however he pulls it off. I don’t know everything in this outift but it is Rick Owens and it all clashes together perfectly

7. I love drakes style. He has completely changed the game in many ways, these off white Jordan 1’s look great with grey jeans, I don’t know what t-shirt he is wearing and I don’t know what jacket he is wearing  (probably stone island)

8. This outfit is different. But nice. This lovely pastel blue poco dot jacket is from dior, so comes at a price. The plain white shirt is fro, JW Anderson, so if looking for a cheaper alternative it can be easily found as you can get it from any local store, the belt is from Dior also, this really compliments the lanvin grey trousers and the shoes are from vintage.

9.  It wouldn’t be a good week withoutn Jerry Lorenzo, and this fear of God outfit is sick, fear of God vans look amazing for summer, with a beautiful pair of FOG floral shorts, and topped off with a nice blue shirt

This last fit is plain, but never the less it’s sick, a plain oversized black shirt, with a white off white belt, cropped black trousers and white and red vans.

Thank you. 


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