top 10  best outfits week 2 #10

1. This outfit is extremely nice. The khaki cuffed joggers really compliment the tucked up cream bomber, and yeezy moonrocks to top it off, this outfit would be cheap (apart from moonrocks)

2. This outfit is low-key lit. Yeezy breds go with everything. Plain black adidas socks and striped joggers look amazing.  And to add to the hype a charcoal grey hoodie and what looks like a black pancreas hat. REEM.

3. This outfit is the top of hype. A supreme x LV shirt, supreme ski mask, supreme baseball tee, and Kurt kobain style glasses.

4. This outfit is truly magnificent. I have no clue what the brand of the t shirt is but the colour way between the t-shirt and shoes screams summer

5. This outfit is just icing on the cake. A black and white off white shirt, gucci snake top, plain black skinny jeans tucked into vestments socks and balenciagas. Very clean. 

6. This outfit is simple, however it looks amazing,yeezy Oreos usually don’t look good with white socks but in this case they look spectacular, and plain black aviator glasses, a black kfc shirt and black skinny joggers just makes the outfit simple, but sexy.

7. This outfit is something else, however there is one problem, u do not cross brand adidas and Nike, but these glasses Look amazing with the TNF X supreme anorak jacket.

8. Wow this outfit is a mix of hype and expense. The supreme X LV collab was one of the best collabs of all time, in my opinion this is the best bogo ever, and the tan Brown and dark brown scarve looks amazing with it.and the Rolex adds to the expense and these joggers are simply amazing

9. Gully has to be the slickest 15 year old out there (apart from me) wearing the usual hat, the black bogo from ss16, a checkers outfit, supreme joggers and supreme uptempos, this black and white outfit is dope.

10. Lilyatchy. I don’t even need to speak about this outfit. WOWW


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