transfer news week 3 #11

The transfer window looks like excelling the past record spent of £860 million (in the premier league).

Manchester United

For any Manchester United fan, the window is looking very banal. In fact it is extreamly brooding, not for the Manchester city fans who are having a field day with transfer, or a field window! Jose Mourinho twice this week announced he is not happy with the business that has been made over the month, it seems the glazers are being parsimonious as usual. When will these Perisic rumours end, I’m sick of the old cliche, ‘he is signing in 48 hours’ because it just isn’t going to happen, why are we fighting for a 28 year old winger when we could be signing a young prospect like Mousa Dembele, to make it even nor frustrating Spaletti announced earlier Perisic will be going nowhere, give up Jose. However the Bale rumours began to ignite earlier on till his agent then said he would never join Manchester United , I don’t believe this would ever happen however I would easily take him in a heart beat. I know he is injury prone, however there is not many players who are as compotent on the ball as Bale, and as fast. According to many sources, it looks like we are closing in on the magic deal, for around £50 million, this is extortionate for a going on 29 year old, he is not what we need, a slow, boring defensive midfielder, but I will take him over Fellani. On to the encouraging stories for Manchester United, De Gea and Martial are going no where, and I truely exultant about this news. When I woke up on Tuesday and I was motivated that we were interested in Veratti, then I realised Jose only signs tall players, and began to cry.The rumour mill for Eric Dier ended earlier this week with sources claiming there is no talks between United and spurs. Naingollan also is going nowhere, however anyone with an average intellect knows this was never happening. Emile Foresberg has denied talks with us. And Pogba jokes about neymar and essi signing, good one Pogba. Just as I was finishing this off apparently Galatasary are lining up to buy Fellani, but i think Jose embraces him so it won’t happen. Just as I was about to publish this I heard the news that Serve Aurier from pgs is rumoured to join us, I would love this move as Serge is a tenacious, rapid, strong full back who can play on both flanks, however Serge may be banned from the UK so lets see what happens there.
Manchester City
Manchester City are attempting to rejuvenate their defence and it is looking lethal. They have already spent £50 million on Kyle walker and have now signed Danilo from Madrid and Mendy from Monaco, the defence is looking immortal. One defender left this week, kolarov joined Roma for £5 million, but that won’t affect city in anyway. City have also been linked to Sanchez and Mbappe this week, when will this saga end. From a Manchester United fan’s point of view watching city in the transfer market it is abysmal.
Real Madrid would not deal with Manchester United, but they made a deal quickly with Chelsea this week who singe Morata, for £55 milliom at least, in my opinion this is a great investment and he will be a huge danger in the Premier League. The Alex Sandro talks are still going on, however I don’t think Juventus will allow him to go, he is the most prolific fullback in the world right now. The Renato Sanchea rumours have started,  hinting at a 2 year loan, why are Manchester United not in for him? After all Jose said a year ago he would love him, I understand he hasn’t had the best season, but he hasn’t had much of a chance.
Southampton and Newcastle are hoping to Add a maestro to their midfield as they are both interested in napoli’s Allan,  this would be a great signing for both teams. West ham are having a magnificent summer, as this week they added to their team signing Chicago for £19 million, who I think will e brilliant, and they are hoping to sign Jack Wilshire, who wants out of Arsenal for more more money. The Lemar to Arsenal rumours continued, this is the 2014-16 Lacazatte and benzema story all over again. Lucas Perez also wants out and deportivo have bided for him.

Rest of the world

There wasn’t many other big headlines this week. However PSG have made apparently matched neymar buy out clause of £220 million. I really dont believe this move will happen as Neymar is playing with the best player in the world and he is loved by the fans, what is their not to love about Barcelona? In addition Real Madrid are apparently set to bid £160 million for Monaco’s Mbappe, as much as he is a 18 year old sensation, that is a bit steep.
Sorry for no posts last week, I am currently in the summer holidays and I was having a rest, I hope you enjoy, please like and follow.


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