Is money ruining football? #12

The simple answer is yes! Money is demolishing football. The price inflation is rising rapidly. 20 years ago Alan shearer broke the world record fee and he was £15 million. Forward 20 years and the best player you could get for £15 million is a premier league reject (for example Fabio Borini) or a young player with no experience or qaulity. Last year we seen Paul Pogba join Manchester United for £90 million, is that money justified? No, Paul Pogba only assisted 4 of Manchester united’s goals last season, one year later Neymar is on the verge of joining PSG for double that price (€220 million) oh and not to forget Real Madrid offered €180 million for Mbappe, a 18 year old that has been a senior for 1 year, wow! It’s all because of entrepreneurs, for example take the Mansoor’s, they know nothing about football, but the invested in Manchester City, the game is a business, not a sport, these rich owners are clueless about football, but money buys anything, what happened to football players being loyal, or joining the club because their idols played for them, or they want trophies, because the fan’s. They days are truely gone. Now with money being the main part of football, there is little competition in leagues, the fairy tail that happened with Leicester is unlikely to ever happen again. From roughly 2020 the top 5 ligues will have no challenge, only the richest of teams will have the chance of successful. How could we make the beautiful came so terrible?


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