My premier league predictions #14

Less than a day from the premier league now. Girlfriends will be ignored. Beers will be drank. And we will obviously hear Liverpool’s claim that its ‘their year’. Here’s my predictions.

1. Manchester united- Jose Mourinho is the most consistent manager of my generation. He has won the league in the first 2 year’s at every team he has managed. Although the transfer window hasn’t been out of this world, the signings we have made have been must have signings. As much as I don’t love Matic, he is an incredible upgrade from Fellani. The signing of Lukaku should give us 20 goals, and lindelof will really add shape to the defence, and he could be outstanding in the future. If martial, perirera and dojo play well this season, it will be a signing in itself. All we need now is another winger, and a full back for squad depth. Vibes are good around Manchester right now.

2. Manchester city- over to the flip side of Manchester now. Manchester City have had a insane transfer window. They have created a near unbeatable wall of a defence. And the addition of Bernardo Silva will be extreamly good. However I don’t believe Pep Guardiola can do it yet.

3. Chelsea- I feel the morale is low around Chelsea now. Conte doesn’t seem happy, and players are in discontent. I think the signing of bakayoko and Morata just Hasnt improved the squad due to key loses. And with the pressure of champions league football, and not enough squad depth, there is little chance Chelsea can retain the title.

4. Arsenal- Arsenal will be back at it this season, I think they will make good enough moves for top 4, but they won’t quite have enough for the league. It will be the same old for Arsenal.

5. Tottenham Tottenham will not be able to handle the pressure of the champions league. And in addition they have done nothing this window. They fell short of the league by 10 point’s last season, but to upgrade, every team needs to improve,  And until Tottenham sign a game changer, they have no chance.6. Liverpool- I cannot see Liverpool having  a great season, their defence is extremely weak. And they need a 20 goal a season striker, for top 4.

7. Everton- Everton have had a incredible window, they have signed so many good players, and they should qualify for Europe with ease, but they need a bit more, to challenge for champions league, but i can see it happening.

8. West Ham- West ham have had a really good window also. The signing of Chicarito will really help them qaulify for Europe, however I still think they need a bit more upgrading to get in to the top spots.

9. Bournemouth- the last team in the top half of the table I think will be Bournemouth. Bournemouth are on the rise and I think they can’t cement  a top half finish,  And possible in the next few years achieve Europe.

10. Leicster- I don’t think Leicester will be able to repeat the fairytale again, but with the signing of Iheanacho, I think Leicster can achieve the top half of the table

11. Southampton- Southampton are going down,  the team looks in strong discontent and they are constantly loosing big players and I just don’t believe they are good enough anymore. 

12.  Watford – I can see watford having a above average season and if they don’t change manager they could possibly finish higher. 

13. Crystal palace- Crystal palace have the right team to finish in the top half of the table, but they do not seem to bond and the chemistry is week, so until they gel together,  I can’t see Crystal palace doing heroics. 

14. West brom- I feel bad for placing west brom so low, but i simply don’t think there good enough to handle the pressure, last season was a one off.

15. Stoke- stoke had a good season last year, however towards the end of the season they were weak, and the football they play is boring, and with the competition in the league this year, they will finish In 14th, but it will be close between Crystal palace Watford and stoke.

16. Newcastle- Mick Ashley has destroyed Newcastle. But Rafa has took them up again, but i think they will only just avoid relegation as they havent been repaired yet, until they bring in a new Owen there I no chance they can survive 

17. Brighton- I really like the vibes around Brighton at the moment, there training facilities are brilliant, they will struggle in their first season but i think they have potential to become a top half team.

18. Swansea- Swansea are good and bad, but they just avoided relegation by the skin of their teeth last season and I think this could be the end for Swansea.

19. Burnley- I love Shawn dyche, and he has done heroics with Burnley, but i can’t see them staying up, in the most competitive season ever, they will go down, but with fight.

20. Huddersfield- New comers huddersfield will hit rock bottom this season sadly, I just cant see their weak team staying up.

I really struggled with the premier league predictions this year. Especially the bottom Half of the table, this season will be extreamly competitive. 


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